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Happy Herd White Oak Acorn Flavored Coat “ALL” Attractant

Happy Herd White Oak Acorn Flavored Coat “ALL” Attractant

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16oz bottle with sprayer

An extremely concentrated blend of natural white oak acorn extracts creating a very strong, natural aroma. All Happy Herd Coat “ALL” products contain an industry leading trade secret that truly separates Happy Herd from the rest.

DON’T BE FOOLED… “When the results speak … LISTEN!”

CAUTION: Happy Herd CoatALL Products are SUPER CONCENTRATED and does not take a lot to see results, we recommend 3-4 sprays to 50lbs of your favorite broadcasted feed either on the ground or in a feeder. Be sure to spray 1-2 times in the surrounding area around the minerals and feed assuring your animals step into the oil-based attractant, taking the product with them when they leave your site. Other animals cross their trail and seek out the source of the smell for themselves. This process is “TESTED AND PROVEN”.

If you are not using Happy Herd Coat “ALL”, you better
hope your neighbor isn’t either!!! If you ain’t spraying… you ain’t playing!!