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Earthquake Deer Mineral (9lb)
Earthquake Deer Mineral (9lb)

Earthquake Deer Mineral (9lb)

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9lb bag will treat one site for around 3 months before refreshing is needed. Earthquake Deer Mineral and Supplement Attractant possesses the absolute highest level of nutrition and the lowest salt/sodium on the market. Earthquake only has between 21% and 24% salt which is unheard of in the outdoors industry, as most other products contain well over 50% up to 90% salt/sodium. Earthquake is loaded with nutrition having over 21.5% calcium, 3.7% phosphorus and one the highest levels of vitamin ADE on the market. Earthquake has been responsible for claiming several State Record Class bucks and thousands of personal trophies over the years from nearly every state in the U.S. and Canada. When you use Earthquake, you are using a product that can help grow bigger deer with bigger racks, larger overall body mass as well as assisting does during their periods of gestation and lactation. Earthquake is also infused with a proprietary deer attractant that will attract deer from acres away and will do so year around. Earthquake is the perfect choice for growing and attracting whitetail deer before, during and well after hunting season is long gone. 

Minerals benefit antler growth, body size, reproduction, and the immune system in whitetail deer. Earthquake Mineral Attractant can benefit:

  • ANTLER GROWTH - Calcium, phosphorous and magnesium are important minerals that benefit antler growth
  • BODY SIZE - Muscle growth and development benefits from phosphorous, zinc and selenium
  • BONE DEVELOPMENT - Shortages of calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium cause poor bone growth rates and/or malformations
  • FETAL GROWTH - Copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium aid in pregnancy, and help reduce embryonic loss
  • FERTILITY - Phosphorous, copper, zinc, and selenium increase fertility and reproductive potential
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM - Copper, zinc, and selenium deficiencies can lead to a compromised immune system, unable to fight off diseases