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Family, Friends, Outdoors. Davidson Outdoors is a brand for people who love the outdoors! We have a passion for hunting, fishing and all things outdoors and we like to share that with like minded people across the world! We strive to do better for the wildlife and the environment. We love getting more people introduced to hunting and fishing from young to old. Join us and share your passion today!

Owner- I'm Karley Davidson, from North Carolina. Since a very young age I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and everything in between. I spend almost everyday in the outdoors from checking trail cams, food plot management, mineral sites etc. In November 2014 I harvested my first "big buck" a 130" 10 point whitetail from Randolph County, North Carolina and from that day I made Quality Deer Management my top priority and set out to do better and better for the wildlife and give them the best life I could while getting rewarded in the Fall. I went 4 years before harvesting another deer, yes you heard that right 4 years. September of 2018 I got set up at a new spot in Moore County, North Carolina which rewarded me with a 144" 9 point whitetail buck on November 13th. I never in a million years expected to harvest this buck but the good Lord above blessed me with the buck that changed everything for me, Not only did I win best Female Deer Of The Year at the Chatham County Deer Hunting Classic but it sparked something in me to create "Davidson Outdoors" what I had always dreamed of and day by day I am doing that slowly and sharing my outdoor experiences. I love getting more people involved in the outdoors, especially youth. March and April 2019 was also a big time for me as I caught 3 of my PB Large Mouth Bass starting at 8lbs and going to almost 10lbs! Truly so blessed for the opportunities that have come my way, Stay tuned for great things from me and stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Also be sure to visit our shop section for a few great products we are now selling.