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Family, Friends, Outdoors. Davidson Outdoors & Davidson Custom Calls is a brand for people who love the outdoors! We have a passion for hunting, fishing and all things outdoors and we like to share that with likeminded people across the world! We strive to do better for the wildlife and the environment. We love getting more people introduced to hunting and fishing from young to old. Join us and share your passion today!

Owner- I'm Karley Davidson, from North Carolina. Since a very young age I have always had a passion for the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and everything in between. In 2018 something sparked in me to create "Davidson Outdoors" what I had always dreamed of doing since a young age and today here we are. When starting this journey, I had very little support. I am just a simple down to earth everyday person and will never change when it comes to that. You will never see me try to be one of these "hunting celebrities" my hunting happens on small pieces of property with the same struggles as all the other everyday hunters out here. I make the best of it and enjoy every sit and a lot of days don't see a single thing. In my hunting videos you see uploaded you get raw and real footage as it happens no fancy editing. Anything you see me using is because it works plain and simple and I have wasted enough of my time on things that did not. I am not sponsored nor get free stuff from any company and never want that. I’m very blessed to have met the people I have and the direction I am going. I appreciate everyone who supports me in what I am doing. My customers come first over everything. In January 2022 I created "Davidson Custom Calls" this is also a vision I have had for several years but never brought it to life until now. All of my calls are handmade by me personally with each one not leaving my shop until I would use it every day myself in the woods. I felt no need to create 2 separate websites, so we have one here together. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out on the contact page.